There was a time when American artistic lamp workers only worked with clear borosilicate glass; these were the guys making little glass menagerie animals at the carnival or Disneyland. The Italian soft-glass sculptors had color but the Pyrex glass workers used paint, or, if so inclined, mixed chemicals into some of their clear glass by hand to make a little bit of color for their sculptures. Then came Paul Trautman.

Immersed in both the arts and sciences, Paul worked with neon and played with the artistic side of lampworking, including the art of hand mixing color. At one point in his career, he even made lab equipment, but Paul was thinking big. By the mid-1980’s, Paul Trautman had conceived, designed, and built the world’s first commercial operation to manufacture colored borosilicate rod glass. Northstar Glassworks set the standard for modern boro color production, and now several small companies are using Paul’s techniques to manufacture colored glass. These companies also use recipes pioneered by Paul, which expanded the borosilicate glass palette from a few red and blue transparent colors into bright opaque jewel tones and highly reactive metallic colors that shift their hue depending on the atmosphere of the flame.

Paul sold Northstar in 2002, intending to return to art and his own lab, but the urge to mix color (and requests from his fans) lured Paul back to manufacturing on a smaller scale. After perfecting his recipe for a self-striking ruby red—the now hugely popular Red Elvis—Paul started working on both a new palette and on improving some old favorites.

Trautman Art Glass is committed to making the highest quality product, by hand, and in small batches. We don’t want to be the biggest, just the best.

We are committed to renewable energy solutions.
New Green Power Initiative!

Trautman Art Glass Inc. is proud to announce we have joined the Green Power Initiative by Portland General Electric! Wilsonville Oregon, where we make our fine colored borosilicate glass, has become an EPA Green Power Community. Glass manufacturing is a power intensive industry, and TAG Inc. believes it is better for our customers, our employees, our neighbors and our planet to reduce the overall carbon footprint of our facility. Plus, our purchase of renewable power from PGE encourages the development of additional renewable sources of energy in our region.

Trautman Art Glass, Inc. is the second factory built by Paul Trautman to manufacture specialty colored borosilicate glass for the artist market. Paul invented the machines, the processes and the recipes to make this product in the 1980s, and built the world’s first colored borosilicate glass rod factory in the Portland area. Since that time, the colored borosilicate market has grown immensely. TAG makes what is widely considered to be the finest glass on the market for torch or “lampwork” artists, used in collectible marbles, sculptures, ornaments, jewelry, barware and other artistic applications. We are a little company serving the globe with a high-quality handmade product from our humble Portland-area home.

As glass manufacturers, we are committed to making the highest quality product. As responsible global citizens, we are committed to being stewards of the environment, and we are proud to take that stand in an international marketplace. By making a commitment to renewable power, we are joining more than 110,000 local households and businesses who are already demonstrating their environmental stewardship. Together, we are avoiding more than 1 billion pounds of carbon dioxide being put into our regional air system annually. This is the equivalent of taking more than 134,000 cars off the road for one year. We feel this helps offset the carbon footprint created when we ship our product around the country and the world. Every little bit helps.

We have the power to make a difference. We buy renewable energy from PGE.