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Developmental Cads Developmental Cads

Four Shades from the opaque cadmium palette to choose from:


These colors are dense and would be great for applications like line work.

These colors are in the developmental stage, so please adhere to the standard precautions and techniques for cadmium based colors: Use a soft oxidizing flame and work the glass in the outer reaches of that flame.

These batches have had all second quality rod pulled, and the bundles are made up of a mix of first quality and odds (off shape or diameter).

Wig Wag by Charlie Newquist!

Price: $40.00
EXP 925 EXP 925

An opaque pink to bone-white shifter!
This color is a creamy off-white in sunlight, and transitions to a pastel pink when brought under a fluorescent light source.
So far we have found this color likes a little more oxygen.

Price: $60.00
EXP 930 EXP 930

A light champagne-gold under non fluorescent lights, and a bright magenta under a fluorescent light source.

This shade of magenta falls in between the more purple "Parallax" and the pink of "Syzygy."

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

*experimental quality is a mix of firsts and odds (slightly misshapen)

Price: $65.00
EXP Secret White EXP Secret White

Round two of Paul's new white! This is a translucent white with an opalescent sheen and a slight milky heat strike. So far testing has revealed it to be a flame tolerant color without scuzzing issues. We released a batch over the summer, and have been getting requests for more ever since! The air content is better than the earlier batch, but there are still small bubbles throughout the rod.

Price: $80.00