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EXP Lemon Slyme

A super bright, translucent and low-air content cad-yellow.. This glass is very flame friendly for a color in the cadmium family, and has a slyme-like milkiness that makes this color pop... you can see it from across the room! Use the normal precautions for cad colors, however Lemon Slyme is very flame tolerant, and Paul considers it the smoothest cad color he has ever developed!

Our Price: $80.00
EXP Sunset Slyme

The first CFL Slyme we have mixed up! Under non fluorescent light you will get a smooth slyme-green, and the color will shift to a rosey sienna when hit with a fluorescent bulb! As with other slymes this color will stay milky and opaque where worked cool, and become more transparent where worked hotter. The normal working tips for slyme apply to sunset slyme.

Our Price: $80.00