We had a great (albeit wet) DFO show last weekend, and we are rolling over some of the specials onto our website for those of you who could not join us in the rain!

Check out some awesome and unique glass, and some of the best prices of the year!

COE 33 Rod

COE 33 Tube

COE 33 Frit

Odd Lots

Paul's EXPs

Sample Packs

In the early 1980's Paul Trautman began mixing color and developing melting techniques for borosilicate glass in his small garage studio. He was creating new colors in a medium that was for the most part colorless. Since then, a whole palette has developed, an entire industry has grown, and Trautman Art Glass is still exploring the limits of the colored glass spectrum.

033-025 "Wisteria" 033-025 "Wisteria"
Price: $100.00
EXP Black(ish) Sparkle EXP Black(ish) Sparkle
Price: $80.00 Per Pound
Sale Price: $60.00
Savings: $20.00

TAG Tech

Check out our youtube series where Paul demos some of TAG's staple colors.