Quality Control

Each batch of glass we make is tested and graded to ensure that it meets our standards. Each rod and tube is graded by hand for shade, consistency, size, shape, inclusions and other flaws. Each and every piece of glass that comes out of our factory has been inspected by the best quality control team in the business so that you can use our color with confidence.

What is First Quality?
The proper shade, diameter (normally 7mm +/- 1 mm for rods,) consistency, length and round and straight.

What is Second Quality?
This glass came out with some flaws from the production process. Typically, this means a few inclusions in the rod or tube, and usually these can be picked out as you work the glass. Luckily for us we don’t have a lot of seconds, but they can be a great deal for the cost-conscious glass worker.

What is Odd Quality?
This is First Quality color, but off round, tapered, varying diameter, or abnormal length or bowed slightly.

What is an Odd Lot?
If a batch comes out that is off shade, or has an inconsistency like streaky color or a light strike we categorize this glass as an Odd Lot. For example: "Red Elvis-Odd Lot-Dark". Sometimes the batch is super nice and people love it, but we can’t call it a first in our regular color line.

What Are Tube Ends?
Tube ends are a byproduct of our tube production process. Ends are short sections of tubing that come either with two open ends, or one open end and a tapered tip that comes to a point. Diameter, length, and wall thickness vary.

What Are Tube Knuckles?
The process by which we make our colored tubing creates a small section of clear tubing on one end. When we cut the tube up we are left with this short “knuckle." Perfect for making small hollow pieces. Diameter, length, and wall thickness vary.