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Red Elvis - Streaky
Our Price: $24.00

The flagship color from Trautman Art Glass, Red Elvis was the world's first self-striking boro ruby. We make a lot of this color, and sometimes the rods come out streaky. Or light. Or both! We have a quantity of it built up now, and you can save.

Streaky Red Elvis: see picture. The darker paddle was streakier until it was annealed; now the streaks are harder to see but it's still not our standard for this color. Second picture shows one of the streakier examples, before being kiln struck. It's not bad though, and batches that are streakier can be stirred up in the flame for good Elvis at a great price.
Red Elvis - Dark
List Price: $42.00
Our Price: $22.00
Sale Price: $22.00
Savings: $20.00

You know Red Elvis - the world's first flame-striking ruby. Sometimes we get batches that are a little bit dark.

It's not nearly as dark as Dark Red Elvis, 033-002, but just a little bit darker (see photo.) This is a terrific red, and it can stretch out and still give good color. You can put it over clear and get a result that looks pretty similar to the same piece done in solid Elvis. However, if used thicker, or run in the kiln all day, it may appear a bit livery.
Blue Stardust - Streaky
Our Price: $35.00

This is another color that sometimes comes out streaky; you would want to hand-mix this color if you intended to put it over clear or white or another light color, as the blue colorant can be inconsistent in these batches. However, if you are putting it over a dark color for sparkle effects, you don't really need to remix, since you won't see much of the blue anyway - just the sparkles!
Pink Slyme - Streaky
Our Price: $35.00

Just like the regular Slyme, and Dense Slyme , the Pink Slyme will sometimes get streaks. This Pink Slyme is the regular density, has the normal milk strike, but does have a bit of streakiness