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Light Blue Stardust - Streaky Light Blue Stardust - Streaky

Inconsistent color

A super light and transparent blue with Stardust flecks.

Over the years we have sent out a few lighter batches of Blue Stardust to customers and since then we have been getting almost weekly requests for more of the off shade. Lampworkers who got a chance to try the color fell in love with the light sapphire shade and dynamic stardust sparkles. Though the sparkles are less concentrated, Light Blue Stardust offers users the ability to coat other colors with a layer of transparent shimmer.

Working Notes:

  • A very smooth working and flame tolerant color that likes a neutral to oxidizing flame environment.

Price: $32.00
Pink Proton - Streaky Pink Proton - Streaky

Inconsistent color

Pink Proton is a UV reactive (UVR) color that glows a bright coral pink when hit with a UV light. In sunlight this color is a transparent and slightly off clear, while UV wavelengths light the glass up like a pink neon sign. Pink Proton is slightly stiff, easy to work in the flame, and highly stable and compatible with other colors. This color looks great as the feature on a piece, or as a flashy accent for other colors.

Price: $32.00
Mai Tai Pink - Airy Mai Tai Pink - Airy

Seeded with air bubbles

Mai Tai Pink is colorless in the rod, but it changes dramatically in the kiln after being flame worked! Flame strikes to barely amber yellow, but it's designed to change considerably during longer annealing at 1050. May be kilned repeatedly for more color, or ramped up to 1150 to speed the strike. Can also be un-struck in the flame after the kiln cycle for interesting color-fade effects. It is virtually impossible to over-strike this color. Burn off haze for more pinks or leave the haze for more purple effects.

Price: $35.00
Slyrm - Airy Slyrm - Airy

Seeded with air bubbles.

This glass keeps the bright, highlighter-green of our Slyme, and stays transparent! What you see is what you get with this color -there is no milk strike. It is easy working and adds pop to whatever you put it on!

Price: $35.00
Pink Slyme - Dense Pink Slyme - Dense

Slightly Denser Odd Lots
We get this from time to time, and it's been pretty popular among the folks who shop our store. Instead of using the color thick when you want to see more of the milkiness of Pink Slyme, try this odd lot denser Pink Slyme. It has a bit more milk strike than the standard, and some is noticeably milkier. It ranges a bit.

Price: $45.00